Retaliator Negative SEO

Don’t get mad, Get even.

Negative SEO Services with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee

You’ve come to the one place where Negative SEO Services are given along with a Money Back Guarantee!

We have been doing regular SEO for 13 years and Negative SEO for the past 6 years, with great success. While testing and tweaking the multiple techniques, we have managed to come by the (almost) perfect combination of these techniques to achieve optimal results in the shortest time frames possible.

We are offering A Complete Negative SEO Service Campaign to be applied on Any target for a fair price and a turnaround time of 45 days (90 days for the Ret3 plan).

We will either push your target website to as far as page 4 (at least!) of SERPs in Google, or alternatively, we will completely de-index the target. It all depends on the PA/DA of the target. Read the FAQ or simply navigate to the Service Plans page and choose your desired plan.

Complete success within 45 days (90 days for the Ret3 plan) OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Unlike other cheaper service providers in this industry, backlinking is only rarely used, and even when it is used, we’re not talking about the usual 500,000 links blast with porn/drugs related anchors – these are useless!

Your privacy is as important to us as our own. No logs are kept. No personal details are required. Service is 100% anonymous.
We never disclose ANY information to third parties, regardless of who the third party is.

Looking for a surefire way to drop your competitors down the SERPs? You’ve found it.

Please navigate to the Service Plans page to see the different plans offered.

Money Back Guarantee

Fastest Turnaround
45 Days
More than 6 years of experience
A success rate of over 90%
24/6 Support